Commando Carbine
It is a great combination between compact design and huge firepower.
The Commando fills the gap between the Spitfire (machine pistol) and the Pulse Rifle/M16's (heavy assault rifles).

New Commando Carbine Features.

Highly adjustable stock so that a wide range of players can use this unit comfortably.

Being a more compact unit than the Pulse Rifle, the weight is reduced to 7pounds/3.5KG including battery and a red dot scope.

By having a flat front end, this model is designed to work both indoors and outdoors. It also has an weaver style mount for a red dot scope.

The new design long focal length lens assembly is included on the commando for extended range.

The Rate Of FireĀ is 350 rounds per minute on full auto and the unit has a 50 round clip in the default arcade mode. The Commando Carbine's metal construction and extended range - the longest of our models is awesome. It also comes standard with our new advanced sensor technology which makes the weapon even more sensitive in sunlight.

Construction Metal, moulded handle (BFS style).
Trigger full trigger mechanism
Weight 3.5kgs/7lbs
Length 53cm/20 3/4" (stock in)
Recommended Environments Day/Night Outdoors, eg ski fields, forest, woodlands. Also able to be used indoors or in an urban environment