Is there an age limit ?
Yes, the minimum age to participate in a battle is 6 years of age. This is solely to do with the weight of the guns and nothing to do with safety.
What do I need to wear ?
This can be a very messy activity, so please wear sensible clothes and shoes that you don't mind ruining. Please do not turn up in sandals or flip flops as you will not be able to participate. Just be sensible. Camouflage hats are provided.
Do I need a parents consent to participate ?
Due to our requirements under our insurance policy, all participants under the age of 16 must have signed consent by their parents in order to play. This can be downloaded here and printed out. Please bring this with you on the day. Thanks.
What happens if the weather is bad ?
This is combat, if the weather is bad, this just adds to the realism of war. If you are a bit of a lightweight and does not want to get wet or muddy then feel free to sit it out.
Is it safe ?
Our guns are completely safe. The guns have infra-red technology so shooting someone would be like pointing a TV remote at somebody and changing channel. The game itself will involve a combat scenario running through the battlefield so if you use your common sense then it will be safe.
Are there any extras to pay ?
Unlike paintball, where you are charged for ammunition, there are no additional costs. The price you pay is the price to play. Additional costs which may include refreshments will be discussed at time of booking. Contact us here