Con1 – Arcade mode


Exclusively for beginners and birthday parties, this mode is more forgiving and a lot easier to learn. The laser gun accepts hits at maximum rate of 1 every 3 seconds. The low ammunition, ammunition depleted and reloaded sound effects are spoken. High ammunition per clip allows players to shoot a lot more. Beginners can seldom aim well. They need more rounds to make a hit. 9 lives (default points) are available. 

Con2 – Modern military realistic mode.

 Once they have some experience, many players want the challenge of playing in a realistic game. Moving across open ground while under well aimed enemy fire will result in the player being killed in this mode, whereas in arcade mode they can take a couple of hits and keep going. Features are hits at a maximum rate of 1 per second. Reloaded sound effect is realistic. No low ammunition sound effect. Players need to use semi-automatic mode to conserve ammunition. Only 2 default points leads to suppression being a major part of the game. 

Con3 – Early 20th century realistic mode.

 This is designed to reflect typical performance of military grade infantry bolt action rifles and revolvers. Even in WWII most soldiers fought with bolt action rifles. Again, hits are at a maximum rate of 1 per second, with realistic sound effects to suit the mode. However, ammunition is limited to 10 rounds or less per clip. Slow fire rate is typically 60 rounds per minute. 2 lives only.